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A full passport and visa are required when visiting Russia. Russian entry visas can be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate.

There are three types of visas:
1) Tourist visa;
2) Business visa (Single, Double and Multiple-Entry Visa);
3) Private or homestay visa.

Russian visaRussian entry visa

To issue one of the mentioned kinds of visas it is necessary proper invitation (or visa support) from the Authorized Russian organizations:
- Visa support from an authorized Russian Travel Company or from an approved hotel for tourist visa;
- Visa support from the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs for the business visa;
- Visa support from the Passport and Visa Department (OVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the private or homestay visa.

Visa support to issue Russian Tourist Visa is Your Tourist Acceptance Form and a Tourist Voucher. Only an authorized Russian travel company, who is accredited at the Russian Ministry of Foreigner Affairs and have reference number can provide such visa support.

To issue the Russian entry visa your passport should be valid at least 6 months beyond intended stay and have at least 2 free pages in the passport. With your valid passport and the visa support you should apply to the nearest Russian Consulate. Usually to apply for Russian Visa it is necessary to submit the following documents: 2 identical passport size pictures (black-and-white or color) signed on the back; a completed visa application form (2 per person) signed by the applicant. All entries must be typed or printed in block letters in English or Russian. Usually the processing time is 7 working days. But before applying for visa please contact the nearest Russian Consulate as there might be changes due to local or governmental restrictions.

To entry in Russia no vaccination is required.

The quickest way to get the Russian entry visa support is to obtain tourist visa support. Process of organizing of the tourist visa support requires maximum couple of hours. Providing of the visa support is some kind of responsibility from the travel company’s side taken regardless the invited customer. Accordingly ensure that the Russian travel company organizing tourist visa support for you is allowed to provide those documents (is accredited at the Russian Ministry of Foreigner Affairs and has valid reference number) and visa support is on behalf of this particular travel company.The tourist visa has fixed dates of arrival/departure dates in/from Russia. Maximum time to stay is 30 days. The tourist visa can not be extended.

Cost of the tourist visa support can vary from 10 Euro up to 40 Euro. If you book a tour or hotel accommodation with a Russian travel company they have to provide the visa support free of charge. The visa cost (consular fee) depends on what county’s citizenship you have. Please contact the nearest Russian Consulate to define the visa cost.


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