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"Adylsu" A/C

Price level $

Situated at the beginning of the Adylsu Valley , at about 1800m. There is one-storied big log building with two, three and four-place rooms, also some separated huts. The camp can accommodate about 135 people. There is a dinning room.


“Shkhelda” A/C

Price level $

Situated in Adylsu Valley , at about 2000m. From the Baksan highway 3km.

There is a three-storied building with 2-3 place rooms with shower and toilet. Also there are several separated log cabins in the camp area. Totally 150 persons can accommodate there. At the territory of the camp “Shkhelda” rescue team is located.

Tel: +7 86638 78665, +7 86638 78402.

Ozon Landhaus

"Elbrus" A/C

Price level $

Situated in gorge Adyl-su, at about 2050m. From the Baksan highway 3,5 km. The camp can accept 200 persons. There are two buildings. In three-storied - two, three, and four-place rooms. In two-storied - rooms accommodating from three to eight persons. There are rent of equipment, sports ground, open swimming pool there.

Ozon Grand

“Jantugan” A/C

Price level $

Situated in Adylsu Valley , at about 2150m. From the Baksan highway 6 km. At the moment the camp is in process of renovation and functions partly. Available accommodation only at the barrel cabins for 4-5 people each. Before the renovation ends the camp can take about 40 people and no service is available.

“Ullu-Tau” A/C

Price level $

Situated in the upper section of the Adyrsu Valley , at about 2350m. The road into the gorge begins in village Verhni Baksan. Almost at the beginning of the road transport have to be risen up by an elevator.

Two-storied log building for 150 persons, triple and four-place rooms with no facilities. There are dinning room, sauna, tennis-court, rent of old model alpinist equipment, sports ground there.

Te: +7 86622 55445, +7 86622 58284.