Elbrus via Kukurtliu

Elbrus via Kukurtliu

Mount Elbrus

via Kukurtliu Dome

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Elbrus via Kukurtliu
Camp on Kukurtliu Dome, Elbrus behind

Elbrus, West Summit, 5642m, via Kupol, 4912m, (Kukurtliu).
This is a fine mini-expedition which could be quite demanding and serious in poor weather. From the first station of the Elbrus cablecar cross the Little Azau Glacier then gentle moraine slopes (possible bivouac) in a WNW direction to reach the Big Azau Glacier. Continue in the same general direction to another bivouac site in the neighbourhood of Khotiutau Pass, 3456m, 4-5 hours. A gradually steepening snow slope leads north to a broad snow ridge which is followed in the same general direction to the summit of Kupol (Kiukiurtliu) Dome, 4912m, 5-7 hours. Here there is a small plateau with many places to camp. Now increasingly steep snow/ice slopes lead NE to the NW ridge of Elbrus and hence the summit (3-4 hours). Descent is best by the normal route.

Elbrus via Kupol
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