Round Elbrus Tour

Round Elbrus Tour

Mount Elbrus


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Elbrus Tour
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Round Elbrus Tour
Round Elbrus Tour

Round Elbrus Tour, 4458m.
The easiest route round the Elbrus massif takes from 8 to 10 days and involves several glaciated and crevassed trekking passes. Starting from Baksan village the Kirtyk Valley is followed to Kirtykaush Pass, 3242m, and down to the Malka river and the Jilasu mineral springs near the 40m Sultan waterfall. The Malka is followed, then over Buruntash Pass, 3072m, to Khurzuk village at 1315m. From here the Ullu-Kam river is followed to Khotiutau Pass, 3456m. The Azau Glacier and then river are then descended to return to Terskol and the Baksan Valley.

There is no hut system on the route and tents must be carried.

Elbrus Tour
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