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Caucasus - Border Permit

The Elbrus Region is a border zone between Russia and Georgia and all the visitors require a permit to visit the area. For the climbing of Mt Elbrus itself the border permit is not necessary. But if you plan visiting the valleys leading to Georgia (usually south of the Baksan River ) you should have the permit. At every single valleys leading to the Russian/Georgian border there are military check points. If you have no permit you will be turned back. If you avoid the check point control and try to pass them using different paths you may be arrested, taken to the nearest border office and fined. Do not try to do this. The border guards are friendly but very strict if one try do something wrong.

The border zone permit is obtained at the military head office of the border rangers in Nalchik. Pogranotryad in Nalchik issues permits at Kabardinskaya street 192. Passes are issues between 9.00 and 13.00. You should have the following documents:
- a stamped letter of application from an organization with list of the valleys you are going to visit;
- passports of all participants.

It takes two days issuing of the permit. The border permits itself is free.

It is also possible to arrange permits through a Russian travel company. Price of the services is negotiable.


ALW 6/12/05