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Police and OVIR (Visa and Registration Department)

There are several rules you have to follow arriving in Russian:

-To have an Migration Card;

-To have a Tourist Voucher;

-To have OVIR registration.

Without these requirements you can have some troubles with policemen especially in Mineralnye Vody.


Migration Card

When you arrive in Russia together with the currency declaration form YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE A MIGRATION CARD. The card is in two parts, "A" and "B". Give part "A" to the Immigration Officer on arrival. Keep part "B" with your passport and show it, along with your passport, to the police if they stop you for an identity check during your stay. Please insure that you fill the card properly and the Immigration Officer made a stamp due to arrival in Russia on it. If you have no Migration Card any policemen can fine you. There is no official size of this fine amount. Accordingly the sum is negotiable and can very from 100 RUR up to 100US$(!).

Give part "B" of the card to the Immigration Officer on your departure from Russia .


Tourist Voucher

This document is a part of the Russian visa support. It should be provided by a Russian Travel company (together with the letter of invitation) to apply for Russian visa in the Russian Consulate. In the Tourist Voucher it should be mentioned list of the visited places in Russia , list of the provided services and list of the visitors. Actually as you have visa no other documents are necessary to travel within Russia but in the Caucasus police officer can ask for the voucher and you will have problems if you have no voucher or have a voucher without Mineralnye Vody and Elbrus area mentioned. This problem will end by a fine which is also negotiable and can very from 100 RUR up to 100US$(!).

Make a copy of the voucher and all the visa support before applying them to the Russian Consulate and keep those documents during your staying in Russia . 


OVIR registration

According to the law Russian Federation all the foreigners have to be registered in local OVIR if you are going to stay in a region more then 3 days. If you travel to different destinations you have to register at every new are if you plan to be there more then 3 working day during three days after arrival (Saturday, Sunday and official state holidays are not counted). The OVIR office in Elbrus area is in the town Tyrnyauz. Cost is 60 Rubles (about 2,5US$).  Also one can make registration in Mineralnye Vody airport. Cost is 300 Rubles (about 11US$). To register you must have Passport, Russian visa and the Immigration Card.

OVIR registration is a stamp on your immigration card. This registration is rarely asked in the Valley but most likely will be asked at Mineralnye Vody airport on your way back. You may be stopped by a policeman and asked about your registration at any time. If you have no registration you will be fined for about 1500RUR (about 53US$).

OVIR working hours in Tyrnyauz:

-On Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 18:00

-Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00












A Migration Card's image
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