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Caucasus - Restaurants

Caucasian dishes are nourishing and caloric. They are quite simple and can be prepared from products, which are always available


There are several small restaurants and cafes in the area. Most of restaurants serve local food though at some places one can find kind of European dishes. The typical local dishes for the area you can meet at any place in the area are Shashlik (Shish Kebab from lamb or mutton), Khichini (kind of pancake with potato and cheese in), Manti (kind of meat dumplings, cooked on steam) and Chanakhi (soup with meat, potato and some vegetables).


The restaurants staff is friendly everywhere. But do not expect much smiling faces. This is not because that they are not happy customers – they just do not smile much.


You can find quite good number of the main courses. Less selection with soups – 3-4 kind. Very pure selection with salads. At most of places you will be served only one kind of salad – cucumber and tomatoes with onion. Desert is problem at most of restaurants in the area. Only at very few places you can find some kind of cakes. Usually the best what the local restaurants can offer is ice-cream with fruits.


Average cost of dinner with 3 meals (salad, soup and main course) is about 6-8 Euro. Though, depending on what dish you will order, only main course can cost more than the mentioned price.


For good food with reasonable price we recommend to visit:

- Restaurant at the hotel Nakra. Good choice of numerous local and European dishes.

- Restaurant at the hotel Cheget-Ozon. If to you have bothered local meal and like something different, visit this place.

- Red Cafe just at the foot of Cheget slopes. Cafe has no name. Situated at the Cheget Glade and you can find it asking the hostess name - Zalina. Very friendly staff and nice food, generally local - Caucasian cuisine.

- Cafe Rakhat in Terskol town. Go there if you like to try fried goose.

- Cafe in about 700-800m below the road from the hotel Itkol. So called Novie Narzani (new Narzans). This is very new places. The cafe itself is an area with several small wooden cabins. If you like to test really nice food and do not care interior, it worth to visit the place.



Actually there is no special place where you can go to dance in summer time. Probably the only place one can have chance to join some dancing party is the “Deep Purple” bar in the hotel Cheget. The barman has quite good selection of music. The bar opens at 8 pm and depending of the number of visitors can work until 4am. Warning: the bar is quite criminal place. Some locals are looking for drunken customers to still some money, camera or mobile phone. Do not trust if some locals will invite and demand to drink alcohol with them. They may have plane to make you drunk and still money. Going to the “Deep Purple” bar do not take passport, flight tickets and any value staff with you.


ALW 6/12/05