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Caucasus - Shops and Markets

There are few shops in the Elbrus area. Do not expect big supermarkets where you can buy everything. Shops usually are very small. There are three kinds of shops:
a) Food stores;
b) Woolen markets;
c) Climbing equipment shops.


a) Food stores

The main food stores located in the Terskol town. Most popular and probably the best store is on the first floor of the hotel Shamik. This is something like mini market. Except food and drinks you can buy some other kind of goods like Means of hygiene, toiletry, post cards and etc. There are several small shops around

In Terskol and the area selection of the available food is very pure. You can buy at most of places basic food like bread, pasta, rise, sausages, canned meat or fish, canned vegetables, dried food (generally soups), cheese, cereals, chocolate, biscuits, tea, coffee, sugar, soft and strong drinks. At some places vegetables, fruits.

The working hours of the shops are unpredictable. You can find closed shops at noon without any notification as well as find opened shops at 10pm.

If you have possibility to stop at the markets in the towns Mineralnye Vody, Piatigorsk, Nalchik or Tirnyauz, it is better to buy all the necessary food there. Ask the driver to stop at the markets. In those places selection of the food is much better and prices are about 30% lower.


b) Woolen markets

The biggest market is at the Cheget glade though you can find smaller woolen markets at the ski lift stations as well. Prices are about the same everywhere. You can buy woken goods quite cheap at the markets. Sweater for about 10-15 Euro, woolen socks for about 2-3 Euro. Trade every time. If you are good trader it is easy to get discount about 20-40%.


c) Climbing equipment shops

There are three equipment shops in the area:
- shop “Alpindustria”, located near the turn from the main road to the Cheget Glade;
- shop “Elbrus Navigator”, located in 150m distance lower from Terskol town;
- shop “Vertical”, located just next to the Azau ski lift station.

The best selection and quality of the equipment you can find at the “Alpindustria” shop. There are modern cloths and climbing equipment from such famous brands like “The North Face”, “Lowe Alpine”, “Black Diamond”, “Salewa” and etc. Accordingly prices are quite high – actually the western level.

At the “Elbrus Navigator” shop you can find equipment made in Russia and Eastern Europe . Prices are reasonable.

There are existed unknown brands at the “Vertical” shop, but if you are not fond of labels you can find quite good quality cloths and climbing equipment with acceptable price there.


“Alpindustria” and “Elbrus Navigator” have climbing equipment rental as well. Actually you can find any kind of gear you might need. Approximate prices for some equipment per unit per day:

- Worm climbing boots (generally plastic) - 8/10 Euro;
- Crampons - 3 Euro;
- An ice axe – 2/3 Euro;
- A harness – 2 Euro.




ALW 6/12/05